Sacred Heart Jump-A-Thon Surpasses Goal

Sacred Heart Catholic School Council in Guelph raised $6000 through the school’s first ever Jump-A-Thon.

Last Friday, during school hours, students in all classes participated in a Jump-A-Thon in support of initiatives around the school.

“They wanted to do something that allowed the students to participate and raise donations through pledging rather than selling a product to our families.  The CSC has run Dance-A-Thon's in the past, so the parents on CSC took this on and changed it up.  Not only was their skipping but several other activities to get the kids together outside, raise their heartrate, learn to skip, and have FUN!” shared principal, Vicki Sheehan. “We would like to refresh our recess equipment, purchase additional science equipment, flexible seating for classrooms, and to support year end activities throughout the school.”

Although the Dance-A-Thon has been a hit in the past, the switch to a Jump-A-Thon helped to nearly double the original pledge goal.

“This is the first year we have run the Jump-A-Thon in this manner, as in the past we did something similar with a Dance-A-Thon.  However, in trying to reduce the cost of the actual event and engage more kids, we changed this into more of an ​activity/play day.  This event was planned, organized, and run by members of our Catholic School Council with a little help from our Grade 8 class,” shared Sheehan.

The day was a hit with students, helping to restore a sense of school community after a challenging few years.

“It is important to be able to run events like this as it helps to rebuild and restore the sense of community.  This was a kick-off to our Catholic Education Week (May 2-May6, 2022).   Throughout the pandemic, our students have been away from school, and have not had opportunities to get outside and play together through play days,” said Sheehan. “We wanted to "Bring Back the Fun" in organizing a day centered around the children working together, but that also could raise some funds for the school.”

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