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Contact Info & Map

Sacred Heart Catholic School - IB PYP World School
125 Huron Street
Guelph, ON N1E 5L5
Grades: JK - 8
(See map at the bottom of the page)

Phone:(519) 824-2751
Fax: 519-763-5733

Media Contact
Members of the media are asked to direct all questions and requests to:
Ali Lupal
WCDSB Communications and Community Engagement Lead
Email: [email protected]
School Boundaries: 

Students who live outside the Sacred Heart Catholic School boundary may attend Sacred Heart Catholic School.  To find out which school boundary you live within, click here.   Students who live within the Sacred Heart Catholic School boundary may qualify for transportation based on school board policy.  Parents of students who live outside the Sacred Heart Catholic School boundary need to provide transportation for their children.  To find out if you are eligible for transportation, click here.

Additional Information:
This file displays a map of elementary school boundaries:



Area enclosed by:

Starting point: Speed River at Eramosa Rd

  1. North following Speed River to Speedvale Avenue
  2. West on Speedvale Avenue to Edinburgh Rd
  3. South on Edinburgh Rd to London Rd
  4. East on London Rd to North St.
  5. South on North St. to Suffolk St.
  6. West on Suffolk St. to Edinburgh Rd
  7. South on Edinburgh Rd to Speed River
  8. East on Speed River to Cooks Mill Rd.
  9. East on Cooks Mill Rd. to Watson Rd.

Note: All of Cooks Mill Rd. (both sides) is part of St. Ignatius boundary; Watson Rd. (both sides) south to Speed River are part of Sacred Heart Boundary.

  1. South on Watson Rd. to Eramosa River
  2. East on Eramosa River to Jones Baseline
  3. North on Jones Baseline to Railway Tracks
  4. West on Railway Tracks to Stevenson St.
  5. North on Stevenson St. to Eramosa Rd.
  6. South-West on Eramosa Rd. to Speed River

Please Note:.

1) Unless otherwise noted, the home school is the one on the same side of the street as the residence.

2) Boundaries are subject to change. Please verify with school or board office.