Wellington Catholic DSB Elementary Schools Selected by Kiwanis as Recipients of Staples for School Supplies

Sacred Heart Catholic School in Guelph was selected by Guelph Kiwanis as a recipient of the local Staples for School Supplies.

A total of $367,000 of donations was collected at Staples for School Supplies for Kiwanis to Distribute all across Ontario. Locally, $8800 was distributed to four schools allowing each school administrator shop for school supplies at Staples.

“The program starts in September, customers come in and have an opportunity to make a donation to Staples,” shared Stephen Laramee, Guelph Kiwanis member. “The Kiwanis head office distributes funds in a form of gift cards to the clubs, and then the clubs select the schools. This year, we had four recommendations made to us and we selected it based on their history here in Guelph.”

Along with Sacred Heart CS in Guelph, the local Kiwanis chapter selected St. Joseph Catholic School in Guelph, St. Peter Catholic School and St. Patrick Catholic School. Administrators were given notice of the opportunity and asked to bring a tentative shopping list of items to select from the store.

“Representative to come in and shop and its great everybody leaves happy!” added Laramee.

For Victoria Sheehan, principal of Sacred Heart CS in Guelph, being selected was both a blessing for the school community and an opportunity to share the value of giving back with students.

“We are extremely grateful to our local Kiwanis club for selecting Sacred Heart as a recipient of the Staples for School Supplies program! The supplies purchased today will help supplement items available to students in classrooms,” she shared.

Accompanying Sheehan on the shopping trip was student Charlie Stewart, whose father Adam nominated Sacred Heart CS in Guelph.

“The call went out from our club President to say that we had these funds, lets distribute them!” explained Adam Stewart, “Charlie being at Sacred Heart, knowing it’s a smaller school potentially in need, I reached out to Mrs. Sheehan who graciously accepted the opportunity. Charlie is really excited to be here shopping for his classmates, for me it’s great to see him involved in things like this to understand there are ways to give back and be involved.”

And of course, Charlie confirmed the sentiment sharing that shopping was, “really fun!”